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Veterinary Team

Meet the veterinarians and team of Petsmart Veterinary Services Palm Springs. We’re pleased to provide exceptional vet care for your pets.

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Get To Know Our Veterinary Team

We are solely dedicated to your pet’s care! We look forward to getting to know you, and we hope you’ll take the time to scroll down and get to know us.

Our Doctor

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Dr. Bousquet, Veterinarian

Dr. Bousquet has been a veterinarian for 14 years and graduated from Ross University. She loves being able to connect and care for her patients using a calm and caring approach. She believes the pet parent plays a vital role in the pet’s overall care, which is why she believes that communication is key.

In her free time, she likes to bake and try out new recipes, and she enjoys spending time with her family and pets at home.

Our Staff

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Catalina, Veterinary Assistant

Catalina has been practicing for 1.5 years and attended UC Davis. She enjoys continuously learning how to provide better care for her patients.

In her free time, she likes to go to the gym or travel.

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Lisa, Veterinary Assistant

Lisa has been practicing for 11 months and attends the College of the Desert. She prides herself in educating clients and showing compassion to her patients.

She enjoys spending time with her two cats.

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Elijah, Veterinary Assistant

Elijah has been a veterinary assistant for 6 months. He’s currently attending high school and plans on applying to colleges. He prides himself in providing pets with the care they need in order to increase their quality of life and to make pets healthy and happy.

Elijah loves to perform whenever he can. He loves to sing, dance, and act. He has been performing for as long as he can remember and still loves it.

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Tzipporah, Veterinary Assistant

Tzipporah is a student at Eastern Washington University and has been practicing for four months. She prides herself in her care and attention to her patients and their owners.

In her free time, she travels, watches movies and documentaries, and also learns new hobbies (crochet, watercolor, etc).

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Caroline, Receptionist/ Veterinary Assistant

Carolyn has been a receptionist and vet assistant for 5 years. She graduated from the College of the Desert. In her role, she makes sure the owners and their pets are taken care of. Carolyn provides them with the utmost amount of help and makes them feel valued at the hospital.

She loves spending time with her husband, their dog, Nova, and their cat, Willow. She also enjoys going on adventures and road trips. When she’s at home, she loves playing video games and binge-watching Netflix or Hulu.

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AJ, Receptionist

AJ has been a receptionist for 2 years and attended College of the Desert. She prides herself on being as helpful and informative as possible. She also has a huge passion for animals and will go above and beyond to ensure they’re okay!

She enjoys playing with her kids, spending time with her bearded dragon baby, Mooncake, and her 4 year old dog, Link. AJ also likes video games and human interaction! (Not over the phone)